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Thread: Carlyle October

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    Carlyle October

    Got out today in a friends boat. Fished from 10:30-1:45. He & I caught 30 nice whites10-14 inches. Same pattern- rocks - two jigs. For all practical purposes this thread could have been a continuation of the September thread. Boat traffic was moderate, water temps were in lower 70s and water clarity was fair in places and great in others. Noticeably, fishing was better in the clearer water. Bottom line - the bite continues you just have to find em.

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    Went out today 10/6 as well. Caught 23 huge whites. Took a while to find them. Got zero bites in the first 3 places I fished......places I filled the cooler the past few trips. Water was dirty in those spots and I caught my fish in clearer water as well. Nats I finally got the crappie pole out after striking out on the whites. I caught 3 real nice crappie about 12". I was really getting exited to crappie fish. Then I saw some whites busting shad up on the bank and made a cast. Next thing you know I'm back to white bass fishing catching some nice drag pulling 14-15 inch fish. I think I may have hooked my biggest white ever today but lost him trying to swing it over the side....dammit! Too complacent to grab the net. Started out slow but was able to put a nice mess in the boat.

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    Backlash glad you found some craps!

    Looks like you are still doing good on the whites!

    I’ll be back on Carlyle next week, doing a tour of
    southern Illinois lakes camping @ Little Grassy &
    Jumping from Grassy to Crab to Kinkaid with the Grandkids.

    Great Fishing



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