We made this board for everyone to post on any lake or river about anything they are catching. Not just state wide but nation wide. Please don't think this is a Lake Shelbyville Guides forum. I want anybody to feel free to post and put pictures on. I would like to hear about the walleye and sauger in the Illinois River or below the dam at Smithland Pool or how about a hot smallmouth bite or your best largemouth trip of the season. I know there was a Muskie tourney today on Shelbyville how did that turn out. I love catching big catfish and grew up fishing for them as I am sure most of you did. Carlye is a great catfishing lake so lets hear about that. Big gills I used to go to Kentucky Lake every year just to look for big redears and they got them down there for sure.

This board is for all species and all waters so just feel free to jump in with any pointers or comments you might think of. Lets all have fun with it.